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Your instructors:

Sh. Fahad Tasleem: iERA outreach specialist (USA)
Dr Mustafa Khattab: iERA outreach specialist (Canada)

Course Outline (Pink/hyperlinked = previous sessions) 

Session 1: Welcome To The Course (Jan 28)
Giving you an overview of Islam and what you’ll be covering through this course.

Session 2: Setting the Foundations (Feb 4)
Getting to know and understand who Allah is and why He deserves to be worshipped.

Session 3: The Guidance (Feb 11)
Understanding the message of all the prophets and messengers and the books they were given.

Session 4: Establishing the Foundations (Feb 18)
Getting to know the five pillars that Islam is built upon.

Session 5: The Three Categories of Tawheed (Feb 25)
Understanding Allah’s uniqueness in Lordship, Names and Attributes and Worship.

Session 6: The Five Pillars — The Shahada – Part I (Mar 4)
Understanding Tawheed and it’s opposite associating partners with Allah ‘shirkh’.

Session 7: The Five Pillars — The Shahada – Part II (Mar 11) 
Getting to know our role model – the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Session 8: The Five Pillars — Salah (Mar 18)
Understanding and establishing your connection with Allah through the prayer.

Session 9: The Five Pillars — Charity (Mar 25)
Understanding the reasons and benefits behind compulsory charity in Islam – zakat.

Session 10: The Five Pillars — Fasting (Apr 1)
Understanding the concept of fasting in Islam and its intended physical and spiritual outcomes.

Session 11: The Five Pillars — Pilgrimage (Apr 8) 
Understanding the act of pilgrimage, it’s history and spiritual benefits.

Session 12: Challenges of Life (Apr 15)
How to understand and respond positively to life’s challenges.

Session 13: Protecting Your Faith (Apr 22)
Understanding Satan’s mission and how to overcome his traps.

Session 14: Preparing to Meet Your Lord (Apr 29)
Understanding the reality of life – death, and how to prepare for it so we reach our ultimate destination.


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